Panes in iTerm2

I don’t use panes in iTerm often enough and whenever I do I seem to have forgotten the keyboard commands to split and navigate them, so… ⌘D – Split vertically ⌘⇧D – Split horizontally ⌘⌥↑ (or ↓, ← or →) – Navigate between panes ⌘⇧↩ – Maximise pane toggle

Use multiple accounts with Heroku is a plugin for Heroku to allow you to use multiple accounts, e.g. work and personal. To install: heroku plugins:install git:// Then set up each account: heroku accounts:add personal –auto heroku accounts:add work –auto Set your default: heroku accounts:default personal Then to switch account for an app: heroku accounts:set work

Installing Apache HTTP Server on Windows

I am setting up a machine to host Subversion. My preference is to use Apache as the HTTP server. The server is running Vista but the install and set up process should be similar on other versions of windows. DownloadThe latest Apache build (currently apache_2.2.9-win32-x86-no_ssl-r2.msi) from Install ApacheRun the installer and follow the instructions. […]