Macro to Set Outlook’s Master Category List

I upgrade, move, or reinstall the OS on my PCs fairly often so setting a master category list with a macro is useful: Public Sub ResetCategories()     DeleteAllCategories        CreateCategory “! goals”, 1, 0    CreateCategory “! objectives”, 2, 0    CreateCategory “! projects”, 3, 0    CreateCategory “@ anywhere”, 4, 0    CreateCategory “@ computer”, 5, 0    CreateCategory […]

User Commands in Xplorer2

When I am doing anything more complicated than simple file browsing I use Xplorer2 rather than the windows file browser. One of the features of Xplorer2 is the ability to run commands on files you have selected. These are the commands I currently have set up: VS Cmd$”C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\sdkvars.bat”Sets the console to […]