I live near London in the UK with my wife and daughters. The first computer I used was at school; it was about the size of a large chest freezer and IO was via punch cards and ticker tape.

After going through various spectrums, commodores and tandies I took a break from the computing world returning just in time for Windows 3.0. I started using VB 3 then progressed through 4, 5 and 6 before switching to VB.Net then CSharp and most recently Rails.

I am the development manager at Reevoo so don’t get to code quite as much as would like but I work with a great team that does produce great code and I constantly learn from.

I read a lot, both paper and electronic stuff. This is a good place to make notes for myself and maybe someone else will find these notes useful.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions, like something, dislike something via the contact form.

The comments here are moderated at the moment. If it is something I wouldn’t want my kids to see, it will not get posted.

Thanks for dropping by.