Recovering from ‘the application finder can’t be opened’

Every now and again I get an error when opening finder:

‘the application finder can’t be opened’

Whilst I am sure a restart would fix it, I normally don’t want to restart as I am in the middle of something. The solution is to run the following in terminal:

/System/Library/CoreServices/ &

(don’t forget the &) If this continues to happen I should probably try and find the cause, more likely that I will just map the command to a bash alias though :).

10 thoughts on “Recovering from ‘the application finder can’t be opened’

  1. thanks for sharing your tech notes.

    I’ve been a mac user for awhile (gdesigner and now construction/builder… not a coder/programmer). more recently – probably because I’m spending more time in the office – I’ve been trying to solve different issues that come up here and there. one of which was the same error you mention above.

    in the past I worked daily on the Mac as a graphic designer – I was more adept at solving system problems. mostly in earlier OS’s (Classic). But since OSX I’ve been removed from the day to day.

    with that a question:
    as I research solutions to any given issues, I frequently run across answers that say to run this or that (code?) in terminal. now, I’ve opened terminal on my machine, but frankly I have no idea what it is! (going out on a limb here so please chuckle softly 🙂 basically pretty hesitant to enter any “code” for fear that I’ll totally screw up my machine.

    can you recommend a good, quick-read resource for hackers like me who need to know just enough to be dangerous?

    thanks for not laughing (too loudly anyway)!

    best of luck with your Furld project.

  2. The standard terminal in is a bash shell. I don’t have anything to recommend but googling for ‘intro to bash’ should give you plenty of choices to get started with.

  3. Thanks for your article, but one BIG PROBLEM. How do I run the Terminal if I have no Finder and therefore can’t navigate to anywhere on my computer?!

  4. I cant open terminal even from spotlight, I press enter or click on it and nothing happens , any ideas?

  5. I have an iscsi array connected to an xServe that takes forever to mount when booting. This tip was a lifesaver. Many thanks!

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