Rails 3.1 on Heroku, TLDR Version

Create the app

  1. If not installed, install PostgreSQL
  2. rails new app_name -T -d=postgresql
  3. cd app_name/
  4. rvm --create --rvmrc 1.9.2@app_name
  5. rvm rvmrc trust
  6. Edit .Gemfile
  7. bundle install
  8. createuser -P -S -R -d app_name (no to ‘Superuser’ and ‘Create roles’, yes to ‘Create databases’)
  9. rake db:create
  10. Create procfile in app root.
  11. foreman start and check

Push to Github

  1. Edit .gitignore
  2. git flow init
  3. git add .
  4. git commit -m 'Project skeleton'
  5. Create app_name on Github
  6. git remote add originĀ git@github.com:JohnPlummer/app_name.git
  7. git push -u origin develop
  8. git push -u origin master

Push to Heroku

  1. heroku create app-name --stack cedar
  2. git flow release start '0.0.1'
  3. git flow release finish '0.0.1'
  4. git push --all
  5. git push heroku master
  6. heroku run rake db:seed
  7. heroku open

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