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Even with RubyMine starting a new project is not simply File, New Project, like the rails new command, it can only take you so far.
It’s not complicated to set up a new Rails project but, as something you are likely to do farily infrequently, it is easy to skip or forget steps or commands. Charles Max Wood has posted a screencast of his Rails set up at what looks to be the start of a great screencast series.

Here is a terse run down of my setup:

  1. rails new appname -J -T -J skips prototype files, -T skips testunit files.
  2. cd appname
  3. rvm --create --rvmrc 1.9.2@appname
  4. rvm rvmrc trust
  5. mvim . or mate . or whatever editor you use.
  6. Amend the /Gemfile (Edit: I’ll update these files as I improve my process, add new gems to the default set and gems are updated/changed)
  7. bundle install
  8. rails g rspec:install
  9. rails g cucumber:install --capybara --rspec --spork
  10. spork --bootstrap
  11. rails g jquery:install -ui
  12. rake db:create
  13. Amend /.gitignore
  14. git flow init Accept the git-flow defaults. I like the structure provided by git-flow and will post on it in the future to explore it more.
  15. git add .
  16. git commit -m "Project skeleton"
  17. git remote add origin git@github.com:JohnPlummer/project_name.git
  18. git push -u origin develop
  19. git push -u origin master

3 thoughts on “Rails – File, New Project…

  1. Hi Gady,
    Not used Heroku yet but they have some good resources on their site. I’ve also seen a good screencast on setting up on Heroku, can’t remember where though :(.

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