Synchronising Filezilla Settings via Dropbox

I use multiple machines so it is easier if everything syncs automatically.

While Filezilla doesn’t have this built in, there is the option to move all the settings to another location so it can be done with Dropbox etc.

On OSX right click the Filezilla app and show package contents. The file Contents/docs/fzdefaults.xml.example contains instructions on how to override the defaults:

– Windows:
Put the file fzdefaults.xml into the same directory as filezilla.exe
– OS X:
Modify the app bundle, put fzdefaults.xml into the
Contents/SharedSupport/ subdirectory
– Other:
Put fzdefaults.xml into one of the following directories (in order of precedence):
– ~/.filezilla
– /etc/filezilla
– share/filezilla subdirectory of the install prefix.

I have amended mine and saved a copy into the dropbox folder I am using so I just need to copy it across to new machines.

<Setting name="Config Location">/Users/[Username]/Dropbox/Config/Preferences/filezilla/</Setting>
<Setting name="Kiosk mode">0</Setting>
<Setting name="Disable update check">0</Setting>

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